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Chargie™ Empire usb Bracelet

Chargie™ Empire usb Bracelet

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OUR NEWEST DESIGN. A wearable tech accessory known as a charging and data sync bracelet serves a dual purpose by functioning as both a charger and a data transfer cable. One end of the bracelet features a connector that can be connected to a compatible device's charging port, while the other end has a USB connector that can be plugged into a computer or power source for data transfer. This fashionable accessory can be worn at all times, making it easily accessible when charging or syncing data with a device. 

Portable charging and data transfer: The Chargie Bracelet allows you to transfer data between devices. This feature makes it convenient to transfer important files, documents, music, photos, and other data between devices. It's also super handy to always have a charging cable with you.

Wearable design: The bracelet-like design the Chargie bracelets allows you to wear them as a fashion accessory or simply as a functional item that is always within reach. They come in different colors, styles, and materials such as rubber, silicone, leather, and metal, making them suitable for various occasions and personal preferences.

Water-resistant: Chargie bracelets are designed to be water-resistant, meaning they can withstand exposure to water or sweat without getting damaged. This feature makes them suitable for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, or swimming, as well as for people who work in wet environments. It also adds to the durability and longevity of the bracelet.

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